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We’re excited to launch It’s About More Than A Condom, a campaign by the Tease Project exploring everyday scenarios that affect South Asian youth’s relationships, sexuality and health.

It’s about more than the absence of disease

Condoms are often at the centre of sexual health in preventing STIs, HIV and pregnancies. But in reality, health is more than the absence of disease. Through the Tease Project, South Asian youth explored what healthy sexuality meant to them in a series of interactive arts-based workshops. It ranged from building confidence, increasing knowledge, challenging gender dynamics, and negotiating safety. They identified the need to connect the dots between their lives and the ability to make safer sex choices, often with little support.

We ditched words

Using wordless comic strips, the campaign illustrates 4 stories which shed light on common scenarios that affect young people and their relationships. We ditched words because pictures tell a thousand words; each comic speaks for itself and showcases the subtle dynamics that youth may experience. Going wordless also generates more dialogue around the different possibilities in each scenario; instead of enforcing narratives, we want this to start broader conversations around sexual health. Not to mention, it makes it easier for us to translate the campaign to 4 South Asian languages:



Talk sex ≠ Have sex

Youth don’t have to be having sex to learn and talk about sex. One of the challenges of talking about sexual health with youth is the fear permeated in society that knowledge about sex will encourage sex. This prompts many of us to stay silent about sex; however, it is well documented that youth get sexual health information from a variety of sources, and are already talking about it. So if we want to invest in the next generation then the dialogue should start early.

All part of the Tease

The Tease Project uses arts to engage South Asian youth on sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and leadership development. Working with 59 youth and 6 community organizations over 32 training sessions, we produced artwork, booklets and campaigns which have been featured online and at 6 events, conferences and publications so far. And we hope to continue teasing out more conversations around sexual health!

To request free print copies or for more information, contact Nedal Sulaiman at youthhealth@asaap.ca or 416-599-2727 ex 230.

We thank and acknowledge the Ontario Trillium Foundation, our funder for the Tease Project.

Campaign Artwork by Karen Campos