HIV Prevention

ASAAP’s prevention programs aim to reduce the risk of HIV among our communities through education, outreach and health promotion. We run prevention programs for newcomer and settled South Asian women, youth and GBTQ identified men. Interested in volunteering with our programs? Check out our Volunteer Page for more information on positions and training opportunities!


Brownkiss is a sexual health and HIV prevention program catering to South Asian women and newcomers. For more info, contact Suruthi at or 416-599-2727 ex 222.

Dosti is a social and support group for South Asian men who like men. For more info, contact Robbie at or 416-599-2727 ex 226.

Snehithan is a social and support group for Tamil men who like men. For more info, contact Rohith at or 416-599-2727 ex 227.


Lassi is a social and support group for young (16-29) South Asian guys who like guys. For more info, contact Rohith at or 416-599-2727 ex 229. For Lassi events, visit here.


  • Workshops on HIV/AIDS, Healthy Relationships, Anti-Homophobia and Gender Equity
  • Health Forums for Communities and Service Providers
  • Multilingual Sexual Health Resources
  • Referrals to HIV Testing Services (Confidential and Anonymous)
  • Outreach at Community Spaces
  • Peer Support Groups & Resources for Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer & Questioning Men
  • Free Condoms and Lube