Community Development

ASAAP is committed to addressing the diverse needs of our communities by running special projects to create enabling environments for sexual health development.


Heart to Heart is a unique one year project with a family centered approach to sexual health.


Tease Project is an exciting new program piloting an arts‐based engagement model with South Asian youth on sexual health, HIV/AIDS and leadership using popular education techniques.


Between the Lines’ online database is currently under construction! We are a small community library with big dreams. The books, zines, and newspapers that you see here are a product of suggestions and recommendations made by people like yourself. Our goal is to facilitate access to resources that aim to inform, challenge, and liberate our thinking from the binds of conventional thought. From fiction to non-fiction, to books that fit neither category, our collection pushes boundaries and invites us to explore who we are and what we can become. Stay tuned for information about how to get involved soon!


Arnab Banerjee founder of Magic Lantern Photography and queer activist in India and New York has partnered with ASAAP to develop Colour Me Queer: a series of artistic photos to portray and celebrate South Asian queer identity. These images will depict diverse voices and aim to increase the visibility of a community often marginalized in the South Asian mainstream.