Our programs focus on fostering a community of care around HIV and AIDS.

  • We care that people living with HIV live in fear that their status will be known
  • We care that youth are at risk of HIV
  • We care that women are forced into sex
  • We care that our clients can’t access employment, housing and/or healthy food
  • We care that LGBTQ South Asians are not accepted by family

ASAAP’s programs translate care into action by facilitating access, empowerment and support in our communities.

Working with an understanding of how social factors determine individual health, our work often overlaps with anti-racism, housing, violence, gender equity, mental health and more. We are always learning, growing and building strong partnerships with organizations and people.

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HIV Prevention                 Living with HIV/AIDS                  Community Development                 Research

If you care, have ideas for collaboration or are interested in working with us, visit the get involved section and, get involved!