The Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP) provides HIV/AIDS, sexual health and support services for South Asian communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our services are offered in English, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Arabic or Nepali.


Our vision is a world where South Asian communities have the access and means to determine their health and well-being.


We are committed to providing health promotion, care, and support for self-identifying South Asians living with, at risk of, or affected by HIV/AIDS.


  • We work within an anti-oppression framework to promote social justice and equity.
  • We strive to reduce the impact of racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, classism, and other forms of discrimination on South Asians communities.
  • We approach our work recognizing the social, economic and cultural factors that determine individual health.
  • We are committed to the Greater and Meaningful Involvement of People living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA/MIPA) in all aspects of our work.
  • We adopt a holistic view of health that includes mind, body, spirit and relationship to community.
  • We respect the confidentiality and privacy of the people we serve.
  • We strive to be transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders.

Our programs and services are delivered in culturally appropriate ways while simultaneously challenging the discomfort many have in talking about sexuality and sexual health.

We acknowledge the many social determinants of health and our work often overlaps with issues of racism, gender equity, housing, violence, mental health and employment. We are always learning, growing and building stronger partnerships with organizations and people.

Charitable Registration Number: 13927 4864 RR0001