What’s up with Valentine’s Day?

Well that controversial holiday is coming up this week that everyone has a love/hate relationship with. Valentine’s day!! Yay! Anyways, this holiday full of hearts and bitterness with a side of hallmark, is almost upon us and I think it’s a great time to express love for ourselves!

Honestly people, we need to have some self-love by first realizing the love we already have (friends, family, your poster of John Abraham that you talk to every night).  All these people are in your life and are with you because you are you (or the poster can’t move because it’s thumb tacked to your wall…THUMB TACKS OF LOVE!!).  Anyways, self-love should translate over to when you are in a romantic relationship, and that you are complementing each other rather than completing each other.   This goes for relationships that are a tad shorter like one-night stands, so that you are negotiating boundaries around sex that are beneficial for both parties involved, not just one having power over another.

Lastly, self-love can also mean literally ‘self-love’ …so run a bath, light some candles…. or just get some porn and enjoy 😉

-Shazad Hai